How are you getting to your wedding? Are you moving venues after your ceremony? All these are things to consider but the main thing to remember is: all the matters is what you want, don’t let someone talk you into something you don’t really want.

I actually arrived at my wedding in my mum’s little green Mini Cooper with my dad driving. I did this because I liked the idea of my dad driving me to my wedding and it being just me and him. I also loved my mum’s car! Not having a car can be a huge money saver if you’re wary of your budget or if you want to put the money to use elsewhere. We put ours towards our food and drink budget because that’s something that really mattered to us.

If you do want a car, there are a huge range of options available to suit your style. Strawberry-Split are very helpful and have a chauffer driven classic VW Beetle and Campervan. I also like the idea of Classic Car Hire North because you can hire the car for a few days – it would make a lovely mini-moon trip for any car lover and you can drive yourself away from your ceremony if that’s something you fancy.

Enjoy carriage hunting,
Laura x

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