Everyone loves receiving a personalised wedding invitation and finding out all about their loved ones special day but sending invitations can be time consuming, costly and not very eco-friendly. So, what’s available for those couples who want to do their bit (albeit tiny) towards saving the planet?

Invitations are the first impressions your guests will get of your wedding so make sure they you’re your style as a couple. Do you want them homemade, handwritten, printed, with a photograph? The options are endless.
A few years ago, I received a gorgeous e-invite from a friend so I decided to look into this modern idea a little further.

Some of the websites offering an e-invite service are:

There are plenty of others too!

I used Paperless Post and found it easy to use and each person receives an email with an envelope on it for them to ‘open’. On all the sites there are plenty of pre-designed options (many of them free!) and the option to create your own which is easy and fun to do. You can even personalise your envelope.

What are the benefits?
• They look beautiful and can really show off the theme of your wedding
• They’re cheaper
• Receiving RSVP’s is quick and simple – no chasing people last minute
• You can send messages to all your guests and reminders to those who haven’t replied easily
• They create an instant guest list
• No stamps needed
• They’re eco-friendly
• It’s especially easy if you have guests all over the world

What are the negatives?
• Some people still don’t have email! Usually only your grandparents though and it’s easy to print a couple of invites off.
• Some people expect weddings to be traditional so expect a traditional invite. Break the mould – it’s your wedding so do it your way!

If this is something that appeals to you or you’ve been toying with the idea then I would say have a go. It’s fun, unusual and easy to do. Oh yeah…did I remember to say its green too? Share your designs with me via Instagram using #wilddaisiesweddings

I can’t wait to see your creations,
Laura x

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